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Wondering how an auction works?

Let's break down the auction process.

For many auction-world newcomers, it can be difficult to walk into an auction and feel comfortable. So to put you completely at ease, here's a breakdown on how an auction works and how our auction process specifically unfolds.

The very first step in the auction process is registering. Registration is completely free of cost and obligation and is required in order to bid. For our auctions, you can register online here, get the time and info of your auction and then arrive at the designated time.

Before the auction begins, there will be an auction preview. This is your time to browse our inventory of over 300 pieces of fine art and over 250 pieces of fine jewelry that will be auctioned off during the auction. 

Once the auction begins, it's completely up to you as to which items you want to bid on. Bid fast and bid often! We accept all forms of payment and can also arrange for delivery or same-day pick up.

To request information about one of our upcoming live auctions, call us today:

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