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When you are looking for a piece of fine art or beautiful jewelry, working with experienced professionals who have years of practice identifying legitimate artwork and jewelry is essential. Before visiting an auction to see what options are available, learning about the company and the artwork that is available is essential.

Chesterfield Auctions

Recognizing the company is essential for any auction. Chesterfield Auctions has a seven year history of traveling to different towns and locations to auction off artwork and jewelry. The jewelry and artwork is obtained through consignment, general orders or government seizures, so a variety of options are available at every stop.

Precious Jewelry

During an auction, it can be difficult to evaluate the jewelry and determine if it is legitimate or worth considering because it might not be possible to inspect the piece personally. That is where the reputation of the auction company can play a role in setting your mind at ease.Experienced auctioneers with an impeccable reputation are essential for your peace of mind. With more than 7 years in the traveling auction industry and more than 30 years of experience in auctioneering, Chesterfield Auctions offers quality assurance. The fine jewelry is evaluated before it goes up for auction so that it is possible to determine the stone, metal and karat weight. Chesterfield Auctions certified every piece of jewelry after strict testing and evaluation.

Fine Art

Fine Art can seem complicated, particularly when it is available for an auction. The artwork sold by Chesterfield Auctions is evaluated to determine if it is the original or a copy of the supposed painting, sculpture or piece of art. After determining that it is a legitimate piece, it becomes available for auction.

A variety of artistic styles are available based on the consignments, government seizures and general orders that were available before the auction was planned. With every auction, new pieces become available, so it can help to look up the items that are expected in an upcoming auction before attending to identify key items that may be of interest.

What's special about Chesterfield?

The auction experience can provide you with the opportunity to explore a variety of artistic styles and jewelry options. When you are looking for a specific piece or you want to find something unique for your collection, Chesterfield Auctions can give you the quality assurance that you need to carry forward with your purchase. Feel 100 percent satisfied with your new painting, sculpture or piece of jewelry by working with reputable auctioneers.  

Guests who attend our live auctions are often shocked at the quality of our collection of precious jewelry, timepieces, antiques and, of course, fine art. Some auction houses stock only a few prized items and rely on those to build reputation.

Our live auctions, however, are different.

From top to bottom, our collection of fine hand-selected goods has been checked and double-checked for quality and authenticity. We stand behind the accuracy and excellence of every item featured in our live auctions.

Our team of appraisal specialists spans the country in search of high quality treasures, premium jewelry and original fine art. Auction houses acquire their merchandise from a number of locations. We're proud to say that we consult only a finely combed network of superior government auctions, police auctions, bankruptcy auctions, liquidations, store closures and consignors. Experience true quality with Chesterfield Auctions.

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